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Cameroon Revolution - Révolution CamerounaiseCameroon Revolution is a network of cameroonians and Friends of Cameroon whose vision is a prosperous, just and democratic Cameroon.

We consider the departure of President Paul Biya and his tyrannical and Despotic regime as a critical and non negociable starting point for that Cameroon the majority of us has been desiring for decades.

In this regard, Cameroon Revolution is not just another organisation or movement, but a plateform for all country-loving compatriots and friends of Cameroun, both in Cameroon and abroad,  to express themselves.

We are the voice of  your revolution against  tyranny, dictatorship and oppression that has caused so much death and destruction of lives and livelihoods in our beloved Country.

Cameroon Presidential Elections 2011

The Cameroon Revolution is asking Mr Paul Biya to leave Office with or Without Elections. A National Commission for Peaceful Democratic Transition must be set up to prepare and properly organise the Presidential Elections.

  • No Elections without minimum conditions of a Free and Fair Process
  • Must be two rounds!

We will soon be disclosing a deadline for him to leave Office or face the popular uprising to extract him from Etoudi Palace.

The Cameroon Révolution is determined, not only to boycott, but to prevent any election that do not meet the aformentioned minimum requirements.

Let's Go Together!

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