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Cameroun Diaspora - Canada - Avril 2011


We are a group of patriotic Cameroonians of all origins.
We are aware that strong and independent democratic institutions are a pre-requisite for stability, unity, peace, justice and widespread prosperity. We are mindful of our unity, love our united and inclusive country and are proud of our diversity.
We recognise that a sudden exit or death of Paul Biya could throw Cameroon into turmoils, instability and horrors that have taken or are currently taking place in many African countries such as Ivory Coast, Congo Kinshasa, Togo and Gabon.
We recognise that Kabila, Gbagbo and Ouattara are not at the origin of failures in Ivory Coast and Congo Kinshasa, but rather the real sources of the problems in these two countries are the old long ruling Houphouët-Boigny and Mobutu who consistently eliminated potential successors, then suddenly left or died leaving no democratic institutions behind to warrant peaceful transitions of power and consensual stability.
We want Cameroon to follow the democratic examples of Ghana, Benin, Mali and other emerging African democracies that have successfully proven that democracy can flourish in Africa and is a pre-requisite for lasting peace and stability.
Democratic African countries have clearly shown that Africa is ready for democracy, can achieve development, improve living conditions for its people, respect human rights and dignity, and contribute to the wellbeing of the world.
We are very concerned by the fact that at 78, Biya is old, tired and unable to head the state of Cameroon. This corrupt dictator with no vision has accomplished absolutely nothing in 29 years.
His only legacies are destruction and regress. He became president as the country flourished and had huge financial reserves and turned it into a country of corruption, sorrow and misery.
He inherited Cameroon as one of Africa’s leaders and turned it into one of the poorest and most retarded in Africa. Cameroonians have proven in Cameroon and all around the world that we are resourceful and can do better without the dictator, Biya. Hence the cry for Biya to go now!
Respect for human rights and dignity, freedom of expression and peaceful assembly are universal rights with no borders. It is neither the duty of Biya, nor that of his band and partners in crime to select Biya’s successor.
Biya’s successor shall be democratically elected by the sovereign nation of Cameroon. To all those who pretend that Biya shall stay due to the lack of alternatives, we remind them that Ben Ali and Moubarak are gone and no successor has been found neither in Tunisia, nor in Egypt yet. Just like Tunisians and Egyptians, Cameroonians will elect their next President in peace as soon as the dictator, destructor and hinderer, Biya, is gone.
Let’s not forget rumours on Biya’s death that circulated in 2004. The whole of Cameroon found itself in a standstill for days with no provisions to deal with such cases. Biya is old and his condition is well known. We cannot sit and wait to be surprised by a potential sudden death of Biya and find ourselves in chaos, turmoil and helplessness.
Cameroonians should be united and get him out now in a well managed, controlled and peaceful manner. Only strong democratic institutions can warrant stability, not one individual, particularly not an old tired dictator.
Biya and his band have the choice between leaving now in peace or be forced out just like other dictators who refuse to understand that their time is out; that democracy, justice and freedom have replaced them.
We demand strong independent democratic institutions; free and fair two-round Presidential elections; respect for human rights, freedom of expression and peaceful protests; a stop to the harassment, intimidation, arrest and torture of journalists,
and of Paul Eric Kingue, Titus Edzoa, Kah Walla, Essomba Urbain, Louis Tobie Mbida, Abba Aboubakar, Olinga Cyprien, Jean-Michel Nintcheu, Mboua Massock, Jean Marc Bikoko, Billy Batipe, Dibonji Bruno, Bouba Michel, Nyamsi Patrick, Adoueme Aimé, Anicet Ekane, Abanda Kpama, Lapiro de Mbanga; a stop to any form of brutality against them and the immediate release of all political detainees.
Join us for a demonstration; let’s be actors, not observers of the revolution that will bring the stability that we deserve.
There have never been and there will probably never be a better time for change than now.
Date and time: May 15, 2011; from 12:00 to 4:00 PM
1) Cameroonian Embassy in Canada; 170 Clemow Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario (from 12:00 to 1:00 PM)
2) Parliament Hill, Wellington Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario (from 1:00 to 4:00 PM)
3) Place of your choice in Cameroon and around the world.
Tools: Flags and signs. Tribal, racial discriminatory messages and any incitation to violence will not be tolerated. All messages and signs shall be directed and limited to actions of Paul Biya and his regime as well as to revolutionary demands such as democracy, justice, liberty, progress and unity

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